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The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich William L. Shirer Large Book


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The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich!

The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich.A History
Of Nazi Germany, By Author William L. Shirer.

First Crest Printing, May 1962. Complete and
Unabridged. LARGE Vintage Softcover Book,
1599 pages. Normal age wear, tanning pages.
All pages are present.

•Title: The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich
•Author: William L. Shirer
•1962 - Crest Book A522
•Fawcett Publications, Inc.
•Format: Large Softcover Book
•Pages: 1599
•Condition: Very Good

Since its publication, William L. Shirer's monumental
study of Hitler's German Empire has been widely hailed
as the definitive record of one of history's blackest hours.

For more than five years, Shirer sifted through the massive
self-documentation left behind by the Nazis to create a
scholarly and objective history of the period from Hitler's
unlikely rise and fateful appointment to the German
chancellorship in January, 1933, to Germany's unconditional
surrender to the Allies in May, 1945.

But it is also a uniquely personal history, as told by a man
who witnessed many of its events first hand. Filled with
such anecdotes as of the French surrender to Hitler at
Compiegne, in the exact location of Germany's surrender
at the end of the First World War, The Rise and Fall of the
Third Reich is as gripping as any novel: "I look for the
expression in Hitler's face.

I am but fifty yards from him and see him through my
glasses as though he were directly in front of me. I have
seen that face many times at the great moments of his life.
But today! It is afire with scorn, anger, hate, revenge, triumph".

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