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The New Cook's Cookbook Vintage Softcover Book 1953


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The New Cook's Cookbook!

The New Cook's Cookbook, By Home Service Committee, Edison Electric Institute. Vintage 1953 Softcover Book. In good condition, name inside book, some age wear, discoloration, 53 pages.

•Title: The New Cook's Cookbook
•1953 - Edison Electric Institute
•Format: Softcover Book
•Pages: 53
•Illustrations - Retro
•Condition: Good

Introduction: Once upon a time, not so long ago, it was fashionable
for all lovely ladies not to know how to cook or at least pretend not
to know. My! How times have changed! Today a woman can look like
a cream confection, but she's got reserved for those who are good
cooks as well as those with good looks!

It's easier than you think to claim your share of that special envy
reserved for good cooks. With the way we've worked things out for
you on the following pages, you'll be an expert cook in little more time
than it takes to roll up your pin curls! If you read our instructions
carefully and follow them as faithfully as your best beau follows you,
what treasures will be yours to set before your King! We show you how,
and how easy it is, with these TRIED AND TESTED RECIPES.

Contents: Basic Food Groups, Beverages, Recipes For: Breads and
Rolls, Cakes, Cookies, Deep Fat Frying, Desserts, Dressings, Eggs &
Dairy Products, Fish & Seafood, Frostings & Icings, A How To Section,
Ice Cream & Sherbet, Meat, Menu Suggestions, Pies & Pastries, Poultry,
Relishes, Quickie Main Dishes & Desserts, Salads, Salad Dressings,
Sauces, Soup, Substitutions in Recipes, Tables of Food Measurements,