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The Glory Days Of Wrestling The Way It Was Video 50's And 60's


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The Glory Days Of Wrestling: The Way It Was '50s & '60s!

Title: The Glory Days of Wrestling
•Matrix Video, LLC
•Format: VHS
•Running Time: 90 Minutes Color & B/W
•Includes: Cardboard Slipcase
•Condition: New in Factory Sealed Plastic

nostalgic trip to where it all began...the Glory Days
of Wrestling. The '50s and '60s created the most
flamboyant, outrageous and thrilling spectacles in
the wrestling ring, and now you can see it all in this
collector's video. This rare footage, seen by only a
handful of afficionados, is now available to you,
unedited and uninterrupted, in rich color and "pristine"
black and white. From Gorgeous George to Killer
Kowalski, the greats and near greats are right here.
Legends of wrestling whose names will live forever.

See Gorgeous George's Valet Disinfect The Ring,
Then Tend To Him Between Falls With Genuine
Imported Air!

See Antonio Riocca Use His Flying Moves To Mop
Up The Ring With His Opponents!

See The All-Time Classic 1961 Chicago Title Match
Between Buddy "Nature Boy" Rogers And Pat O'Conner!

See The Diabolical Killer Kowalski In A Titanic Struggle
With The Acrobatic Ed Carpenter!

See 601-Pounds Country Boy Haystacks Calhoun With
His Horseshoe!


•Gorgeous George vs. Jesse James
•Antonio Rocco vs. Johnny Valentine
•Antonio Rocco, Miguel Perez & Rick Starr vs. The Fabulous Kangaroos & Dr. Jerry Graham
•Killer Kowalski vs. Ed Carpenter
•Haystack Calhoun vs. Killer Brooks
•Buddy "Nature Boy" Rogers vs. Pat O'Conner