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The 100 Funniest Moments Of The 20th Century Video


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Reader's Digest: The 100 Funniest Moments Of The 20th Century - The Unexpected!

Title: The 100 Funniest Moments of The 20th Century
•1995 The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.
•Format: VHS
•Running Time: 55 Minutes
•Includes: Cardboard Slipcase
•Condition: New in Factory Sealed Plastic

You couldn't plan it to be this funny! This hilarious collection
of accidental comedy is packed with unforgettable foul-ups
by an all-star comedy cast, plus wedding bloopers, sports
blunders and everyday snafus that add up to a laugh-a-minute!

See uproarious out-takes from the days when television was
"live" - including Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca's send-ups of
A Trolleycar Named Desire and From Here to Obscurity. Plus,
footage of world leaders and famous celebrities caught with
egg on their well-known faces, from Bogie to Bette Davis,
from James Cagney to Claudette Colbert.

See Princess Di hitting Prince Charles over the head with a
special effects champagne bottle, Gerald Ford tripping, George
Bush bowling, Richard Nixon in an unexpected duet with Pearl
Bailey. Not even John Wayne can get it right! Don't miss the
talking horse, the elephant artist, sports mishaps by the world's
finest athletes - and much, much more! This cavalcade of fluffs
and flubs, surprises and snafus adds up to one of the funniest
comedy collections ever!