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Animals Animals Animals A Collection of Great Animal Cartoons By George Booth Hardcover Book


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Animals Animals Animals: A Collection Of Great Animal Cartoons!

Edited By: George Booth, Gahan Wilson
And Ron Wolin. For The Cartoonist Guild.

Vintage 1979, Hardcover Book with Dust Jacket. In very
good condition, Dust Jacket has wear. 241 pages.

•Title: Animals Animals Animals
•Edited By: George Booth, Gahan Wilson, Ron Wolin
•1979 - Harper & Row Publishers
•Format: Hardcover Book with Dust Jacket
•Pages: 241
•Weight: 2 lbs-6 oz. Prior to Packaging
•Condition: Very Good

Here is the first collection of the great cartoons of those
often neglected creatures with whom we share the earth -
the Animals Animals Animals of every size, shape, and
species that we encounter underfoot and overhead.

Whether it is because there's just something inherently
funny about chickens, kangaroos, and moose, or whether
its because animals are a perfect reflection of the foibles
of our own species, the fact is these creatures have the
capacity to make us laugh - and a good cartoonist knows
exactly how to make them do so. From the immortal dogs
of James Thurber to Ed Koren's fuzzy, bizarre beings, the
birds and beasts have made us smile, chuckle, and roar
with pleasure.

Now more than 370 wonderfully funny animal cartoons are
brought together by three distinguished editors from The
Cartoonists Guild. Represented is the work of 140 outstanding
cartoonists, including Charles Addams, Peter Arno, Abner
Dean, Rube Goldberg, Ed Nofziger, George Price, Arnold Roth,
William Steig, Ed Sorel, Rowland B. Wilson, and many, many

Not since Noah filled his ark has a menagerie been assembled
that features as many surprises and as much good humor as
the Animals Animals Animals of this delightful book.