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An Unknown Encounter Video The Haunting Of Jackie Hernandez


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An Unknown Encounter!

A True Account Of The Haunting Of Jackie Hernandez. Actual Footage Of A True Haunting.

The Most Terrifying Haunting Ever Documented On Video Tape. If You've Ever Wondered About The Existence Of Ghosts, This Is A Must See.

Produced & Directed By: Barry Conrad
Hosted By: Ferdy Mayne

Title: An Unknown Encounter
•1997 Barcon Video Production
•Format: VHS
•Running Time: 81 Minutes, Color
•Includes: Cardboard Slipcase
•Condition: New in Factory Sealed Plastic

In 1989, a small group of paranormal researchers investigated
a woman's claim that her small San Pedro, California home was
haunted. What followed turned out to be one of the most bizarre,
true hauntings on record - all documented on videotape by a
professional cameraman.

Strange balls of light! An attempted hanging of a photographer!
Human blood plasma dripping from the house's walls! Is this the
evidence the world is waiting for? Do ghosts really exist? This
documentary delves into a world seldom seen by most people -
the world of a woman besieged by a ghostly entity. An entity so
violent that it hung a man in her attic! An entity so terrifying, it
followed not only the woman to her new home but even pursued
the paranormal researchers themselves!

Dr. Barry Taff, formerly with UCLA's parapsychology lab as well
as principal investigator on the now famous "Entity" case has
stated that this could very well be the "granddaddy of all hauntings"
at least from the perspective of visual evidence captured on both
video and still photographs.

Produced & Directed By: Barry Conrad
Music By: Sean Coleman & Jim McMillan
Edited By: Steve Robin
Written By: Barry Conrad & Jackie E. Haley
Taped On Location in San Pedro, California